Host Families for International High School Students

Many U.S. high schools receive an incredible amount of interest from international students wishing to apply and attend, but each year schools must turn these students away because of a lack of a host family and local guardian. Student Ambassador Exchange works on behalf of schools and students to:

  • identify quality, screened host families for students
  • prepare families and students for the hosting experience from start to finish
  • serve as a point of contact for students outside of their academic needs

Our services allow you to focus on helping your students academically while we help the host families and students work through the transition of living and studying in a new culture.

Local Support, Local Services

We currently serve schools in areas where we have a physical office to provide local support for families and students, so you can expect high quality service that responds to the needs of your students. We also have offices overseas, which helps us better address the needs of your student and the families. We can  assist the student’s parents and host family with communication during the student’s time with your school. Our host families will be located in your school’s service area to better support the needs of the students and help them develop a sense of community while they study in the United States.

You can expect:

  • Support for students with the application process at your school
  • Support for students and families in non-academic matters, such as cultural adjustment and behavioral problems outside of the home
  • Liaison services between host families and natural families of students
  • Contact with a local Program Coordinator to assess student’s academic progress once a month
  • Program support with SAE program staff available to answer parent questions

Want to know more? Use our inquiry box on the right hand side of the page or contact us at to connect with an SAE Program Coordinator within 24 hours.

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