Meet Lily!

The month of October is upon us, and our team at Student Ambassador Exchange would like to recognize a Monitoring Local Coordinator that has consistently made an effort to go above and beyond her efforts to support our exchange students. We are proud to announce Lily as our October Local Coordinator of the Month!

Lily was born and raised in Hangzhou, China. As a little girl she always had a passion to travel and explore different countries and cultures. Almost two decades ago, Lily came to Tennessee as an exchange student. Attracted to the southern hospitality, country music, beautiful scenery and authentic southern cooking, Lily fell in love with Music City and has called it home ever since.

Her career started at Opryland Hotel, where she was hired as an intern. She completed the training program and went on to become a management associate in one of the largest hotel chains in the country.

Wanting to gain experience in consumer lending, Lily worked in the financial lending arena. Thinking that lending and real estate go hand in hand, Lily went on to become a licensed real estate agent. Her dream of running her own business has now become a reality!

Besides truly enjoying working with people, Lily also speaks fluent Mandarin, as well as English of course. She is currently a Chinese language instructor at two different facilities in Williamson County. Lily’s heart is to use her skills and knowledge to help people settle into their new Tennessee home.

Her unique experience in hospitality and finance, coupled with her bilingual skills and her genuine desire to help people, make Lily an outstanding asset to Student Ambassador Exchange. She has enjoyed so much to work with her host family and students. She hopes these unique experiences will be the lifelong joyful memories to many students to come.

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Immerse in Spanish

Learn a New Language from Home

As an adult, learning a new language can be challenging and daunting. Many people do not know where to begin. Experts in linguistics agree immersion in the language is a top way to learn a language quickly. However, traveling globally can be expensive and time consuming. We have the perfect solution! – Hosting a foreign exchange student is an opportunity to speak with a native speaker without leaving home. Daily language exchanges with your host student will teach you a new language in no time.

A host student is also an excellent learning experience for children. Children are able to pick up on languages quickly. Their brains are like sponges soaking up knowledge. If you have children in the home, a foreign exchange student speaking their native language could greatly influence your child. Our exchange students from Spain are excited to share their culture and language with your family. With Spanish as the 2nd most spoken language in the United States, this experience will be mutually beneficial.

At Student Ambassador Exchange (SAE), we connect you to an international exchange student in need of a host family.

Find an exchange student for your family here:

Are you not ready to become a host family or want to learn the language before your student arrives? We have helpful tools to support you below!

Spanish Language Apps:

FluentU –

Duolingo –

Spanish Language Websites:

Spanish Language Podcasts:

Spanish Pod 101 –

Coffee Break Spanish –

Now that you have the tools… Have fun learning your next language!

Contact us at for more information.

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End-of-Year Advice From Experienced Host Families

Life changing experiences deserve a little acknowledgment and processing–and an exchange year is a life changing experience for everyone involved! As this year wraps up, set aside some time to talk with your student and family about the experience you’ve shared together. Steer away from focusing on the student leaving, which puts additional stress on the student; instead, focus on all the positive experiences you’ve shared this year. What a special and wonderful thing it is that you’ve developed a meaningful relationship that will last a lifetime.

Goodbye Advice from Experienced Host Families

  • Help prepare the student for departure by assuring them that they will always have a home with them.
  • Talk to them about their friends and family back in their home country and how great it will be to see them again.
  • If you are having a “going away” party, do not plan until right before they leave. Otherwise you will spend weeks saying goodbye.
  • Write a note to your student and give it to them when they leave for them to read when they get home. You can also make a scrapbook as a gift to remember all the fun experiences they had.
  • Take a family picture on a special day, like prom day! Make a nice print;  give one to the student and frame one for your home.
  • Decide a simple family project,  like making bracelets together.  This will create a special memory and you will all have something to keep to remember.
  • Plant a tree or flowering bush together. Take a picture and tell them when it blooms you will send them an update.  It’s a great way to feel connected to each other.  

Family Wrap Up Activities

  • Rose, Thorn, Bud: Easy and quick- good for the dinner table or a car ride!As a group, go around and have each person identify and share their rose, bud, and thorn from the program.Rose: The highlight or best part of the program i.e. creating lifelong friendships, new activities, growth.Thorn: A challenge or something they struggled with i.e. the language barrier, the food, missing mom.Bud: Something to look forward to in the future! i.e. working on a new skill, reunions, next life step.
  • Commendation Sheets: Medium effort, timeline depends on how many people are participating. Better with big group and room to move around!Materials Needed: Printer paper, writing utensils (markers are better), and a piece of tape for everyone participating.Everyone starts off with a writing utensil and a blank piece of paper taped to their back. As a group move around the room writing a commendation or something you admire about that person on each paper. At the end of the activity everyone should have written on everyone else’s paper, ending up with a full page of compliments from the group. These pages become keepsakes and reminders of what we are capable of!
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