Intern at SAE

Are you a junior or senior in college? What about a graduate student working on a master’s degree? Student Ambassador Exchange offers internships to students who are studying in various fields. Interns work with many different departments to receive hands-on experience in the world of international exchange. This is incredibly beneficial for students interested in pursuing careers in international studies, communications, marketing, social work, psychology, sociology, and business. What’s the best part? Internships can be custom-tailored to your specific major and specific area(s) of interest!

**Note: These internships are unpaid. If you’re interested, please submit a cover letter, resume, and availability to:

I interned at GWCA  and SAE over the Summer and I cannot say enough about my experience here. I have learned so much with the help of everyone here. I truly admire the hard work, dedication and patience of everyone in the office. I think it is such a cool thing to place a child with their forever family. I was fortunate enough to be here when some families were visiting and to see the joy from the children’s faces was amazing, but what really got me is how truly happy and grateful their parents were to have them home.
This Summer I have mostly been helping with the Student Ambassador Exchange program. Hosting an exchange student is a great opportunity not just for adoptive families but also for any family who is interested in opening their minds to new and different global views than they might have.
Thank you so much to everyone at GWCA and SAE for an unforgettable, unbelievable experience. Hope to see you all soon!

Samantha, UT Austin