University Homestay


The goal of the SAE University Homestay Program is to assist international students in identifying quality screened host families to stay with while they are studying in the United States. Many students from abroad send applications to schools, only to find out they cannot attend school without a local address and guardian. Student Ambassador Exchange will help you find a host family excited for your school year and the cultural experiences you bring!

Student Ambassador Exchange also assists schools who would like to have more international students on their campuses but who do not offer host family finding services to their applicants. We can assist your students in finding a local host family in your area that is carefully screened and excited to have an international student in their home.

Program prides itself on finding quality host families for international university students studying in the United States. The biggest benefit of our program is the support that comes with living with an American family. This allows students in our program to not deal with any added stresses of finding appropriate housing during their studies. Additionally, SAE will be there for students and families every step of the way, with orientation, mid-program, and departure training, as well as 24-7 emergency contact information.

Interested applicants and host families can use this page to find out more information on our program fees, program inclusions, and how to apply.

Successful applicants must have the following:
  • Receive admission acceptance from a U.S. University or College.
  • Be at least 18 years old at the start of the program
  • Demonstrate academic competency for enrollment in a rigorous educational program.
  • Be in good health.
  • Complete SAE program application in full, with all supporting documentation.
  • Be willing to accept placement with a Host Family in your school’s area as arranged by SAE Program Coordinators.
If you are a student interested in studying in our University Homestay Program, please fill out our contact us form for more information or email
Students enrolled in SAE can expect the following:
  • Accommodation with a vetted local host.
  • Arrival, mid-semester, and departure training sessions for both students and families.
  • Administration of a host family stipend.
  • Daily meals taken in the host family’s home.
  • Transportation to and from airport for arrival and departure from country.
  • Support from an SAE Program Coordinator, including weekly and monthly check-ins.
  • Illness and Accident Insurance.
  • Arrival and Departure Orientation.
Housing SAE will assist international students in locating suitable housing during your stay in the US.

Insurance As a part of the program and in order to secure a visa, participants are required to carry health insurance. Since there is a 30 day grade period after your visa ends, we also encourage participants to purchase an additional month of insurance to cover a month of travel in the US.

Flights It is very important that international students do not purchase plane tickets prior to receiving approval from their SAE Program Coordinator to do so. SAE is not responsible for lost funds if an applicant purchases plane tickets or makes housing arrangements ahead of time, only to find out their housing has not been approved for one reason or another.
Transportation Transportation to and from school will be provided by your host family or through public transportation with the school.

Travel We encourage participants to travel during their stay in the U.S. Many host families ask their students to participate in family vacation; it is a great time for students to bond with their new host families. Students should plan on bringing their own funds on vacation with their host families. Student are permitted to travel on their own or without their host family but will need to provide notice prior to traveling to ensure their safety.
If you plan to travel outside of the US, please notify your SAE Program Coordinator.

Safety Prevention is the best tool for safety. We recommend exercising the following guidelines to increase your safety during your stay:
  • If people approach you for money, you may decline. Do so politely.
  • Avoid deserted streets, subway stations, and bus stops – always travel where there are numerous other people close by.
  • Make sure to have a map or a route so you know where you are going.
  • Avoid carrying large amounts of cash in public.
  • Do not leave valuables or luggage unattended, and do not ask anyone to watch these items for you.

While the United States is generally safe, precautions can go a long way in ensuring your safety!