Adoptee Cultural Exchange in Spain!

Children of All Nations, our parent company, has often been asked what it is like for Chinese adoptees in other areas around the world. We created our Adoptee Cultural Exchange Program, A.C.E.

This exchange program provides Chinese adoptees a chance to explore their heritage! And meet other children who have the same life experiences as they do! Adoptees participate in the program with other adoptees and families who adopted a child from China.

All the American girls are very well integrated in their families and they get along really well with the Spanish girls. They are becoming very good friends.

Each family is doing different things in different parts of Spain. They are going to the beach, to the swimming pool, to the mountains, doing cultural visits… They really want the girls to have fun and enjoy their stay in our country.

Our Program Coordinator in Spain

This is one of the most unique cultural exchange and heritage tour opportunities available for a Chinese adoptee, and we are the only U.S. agency currently offering this opportunity.

Cultural Exchange program for Chinese adoptive families

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