Dear Future Host Family…

Dear Future Host Family,

I am Mateo from Burgos, Spain. My home country is beautiful and known for its Gothic Cathedrals. I live with my parents and little sister, Alma. As a family, we enjoy hiking and visiting museums.

I am anxious and excited to meet you. Becoming a foreign exchange student wasn’t an easy choice. I was torn between leaving the comforts of home and traveling the world. However, I know these new experiences are a once in a life time opportunity for me.

Mateo and Alma exploring the city

Because of your family, I get the opportunity to learn a new culture and expand my education. In turn, I will teach you about my culture. Have you ever tried lazos de san guillermo? It’s my favorite dessert! I will make it for your family.

I am grateful for you choosing me as an exchange student. As we say in my home country sincero gracias meaning thank you.

Te veo pronto (See you soon),


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