The Boundless Benefits of Becoming a Host Family

The Boundless Benefits of Becoming a Host Family

Host families do more than just share their homes and hearts. In fact, host families often gain as much from the exchange experience as the student does. Benefits of hosting are really boundless, and we have shared a few here we believe are encompassing of the host family experience.

Experience a new culture.

Cultural exchange is a key point in student exchange and perhaps even vital to understanding global interactions. Inviting exchange students into your home and community is an opportunity to learn and to teach. Having exposure to new cultures, languages and ideas helps expand knowledge, accept differences and opens the door for communication and friendships.

See life from a new perspective.

With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we often miss the little things. Hosting an exchange student is a tangible way to pause for a moment and take everything in. Having a new set of eyes see your daily life through allows you to break routine and really appreciate life.

Find a new mentor, friend, and sibling for your kids.

Children already see the world from a different perspective and inviting an exchange student is an opportunity to learn about someone different from their own family. Younger children will have an incredible mentor and older sibling to learn from and older children will have a new friend to share experiences and school with. No matter the age, the lessons learned and the memories shared between your children and exchange students are invaluable.


Exchange students who come to the U.S. to study don’t need a lot of things, excursions or special treatment. But what they do need is you! They need a supportive and safe “home away from home.” A place they can truly be themselves, which includes all of the warmhearted fumbles and candid moments, which can turn into the fondest memories.

Stay connected.

We often hear from host families who keep in contact with the student they hosted well beyond the dates of the program. These friendships span over several continents and are one of the most profound parts of student exchange. Whether, sending a text, mailing a holiday card or even visiting a student in their home country, host families are truly connecting the world through education and culture.

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